Fire and Safety Signages


All employers are required to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Signage is able to assist employers provide a safe work place in a number of ways such as:

To prevent the casualties that result from loss of light, photo luminescent signage that are printed with fire safety grade luminous ink. These signs absorb light in the course of normal working day and glow in the dark. Highlighting hazards such as forklifts or other mobile equipment.

Advising personal protective equipment required to be worn such as safety shoes, hi vis vests, hearing protection, eye protection etc.

Identifying specific purpose areas such as smoking and non smoking areas, truck driver safety zones, parking area etc.

Advisory signage such as speed limits, vehicle direction etc.

There are many applications where signage can be used to reduce, minimize or eliminate risk to your employees, visitors and help provide a safe work place.

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